• 25 May 2022

    The Climate Fresk : climate education for Mayors and their administration!

    Climate Fresk is an international NGO on a mission to raise awareness about climate change. Their workshop is based on collective intelligence and collaboration. It's an innovative way to learn the science behind the IPCC reports, accessible to all.

    Since climate change is a very technical topic, there’s a huge need of popularisation, especially for local governments and administrations which are tasked with climate policy-making.

    Climate Fresk workshops are accessible to everyone and can be scaled up rapidly, to deliver quality climate education to a large number of people in a short period of time. Any participant can easily become a facilitator and run their own workshops; that’s why this climate education movement is growing exponentially.

    What is this workshop?

    Participants gather around a table in teams of 4 to 7. They work collaboratively, using the Climate Fresk cards, to learn about the cause and effect relationship between different components of climate change. A trained facilitator guides the entire process and provides additional insight. A debrief phase allows participants to discuss how they’re feeling and identify actions that they can implement in their lives and communities. There is an online version that is very easy to organise and enables even greater reach.



    If you are interested in these Climate Fresk workshops, sign up via email (pioneeringmayors@climatefresk.org) and you can arrange a bespoke workshop in your office and in your language.
    More information on the website of the Climate Fresk!