• 02 Mar 2018

    The European Covenant of Mayors needs assessment report is now available!

    What do cities, provinces, and regions need to better meet their Covenant objectives? In the framework of an extensive study conducted by the European Covenant of Mayors Office in 2017, we reached out to almost 600 representatives from municipalities, provinces, regions and national ministries in order to assess their main capacity-building needs in terms of urban climate and energy planning.

    This needs-assessment report provides a comprehensive picture of the expectations, key issues and challenges of the Covenant community. In particular, respondents have identified climate change adaptation as the most critical area where they need more support and financial resources in order to accelerate their climate and energy action.

    Interviewed Municipalities have also expressed their need for increased (technical) assistance for both planning and implementation of their climate and energy actions. Moreover, Covenant cities would like to have more capacity-building workshops held in a greater diversity of languages.

    Thanks to the valuable input provided by the Covenant community, the European Covenant of Mayors Office could identify four priorities for its future capacity-building activities:

    1. Increase local authorities’ capacity to adapt to climate change

    2. Balance capacity-building activities between support for SE(C)AP design and monitoring, and SECAP implementation

    3. Facilitate access to funding and financing

    4. Empower municipalities through Covenant of Mayors Coordinators.

    In order to translate these findings into actions, the following workshops and webinars are already being organized in the coming months:

    • Event on sustainable urban development in Portugal, in Portuguese – April 2018Torre Vedras, Portugal
    • Webinar on adaptation and SECAP template for beginners (Part 1) + Webinar on financing adaptation for beginners (Part 2) – May 2018
    • New call for applications for twinnings open to cities, provinces and regions – July 2018
    • Workshop on climate adaptation in Greece, in Greek – November 2018 (tbc)
    • Workshop on alignment between SUMPs and SECAPs – Date to be determined
    • Webinar training on monitoring and reporting for Covenant coordinators – in Italian & Spanish - Date to be determined

    More information about the planned and future capacity building activities will be communicated soon. Stay tuned!

    com needs assesment infographics sample

    You will find the full needs-assessment report in the online library: 'Covenant community’s needs for SE(C)AP design and implementation'.

    See also the infographics based on the report!

    For more information, please contact Claire at claire.baffert@eumayors.eu