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**New case study** Kalmar, Sweden: Public procurement of  buses with 100%  renewables target
**New case study** Kalmar, Sweden: Public procurement of buses with 100% renewables target
10 január 2018 - 14:12
As part of the objective of becoming 100% fossil fuel free by 2030, Kalmar County has set up a public procurement for the purchase of biogas fuelled buses. Authorities from the county and the city of Kalmar chose to reuse biomethane produced from cattle manure to run the buses, both addressing the issue of over-fertilisation and fostering the shift towards a carbon neutral transport system.

A favourable context for biomethane production

Kalmar’s surrounding area consists of wide farm lands with numerous livestock. While the municipality of Kalmar and the island of Öland are very popular holiday resorts, the Baltic Sea suffers from over-fertilisation due to cattle concentration. For example, on Öland, facing the city of Kalmar, there are 2.5 cows per inhabitant. The situation is such that farmers wishing to buy more animals must buy extra land. Kalmar County represents 2.4% of all the inhabitants in Sweden but boasts 25% of chicken production and 12% of milk production in the country. Politicians have recognised that biogas can be one of the solutions because it not only reduces methane emissions from cattle but also delivers a renewable fuel to vehicles.

A strong political ambition

Kalmar County has a target to become a fossil fuel free county in 2030 with no net greenhouse gas emissions. This target was set by the Climate Commission consisting of the County Administrative Board, the Regional Council of Kalmar County as well as different private and public organisations. Kalmar, the county’s main city, aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2020 compared to 2008 levels. To reach this ambitious target, several sub targets have been set. One of them is that all transport paid by public means in the County shall be fossil fuel free by 2020, reducing emissions by approximately 6,000 tonnes/year. Since there are very good conditions to produce biogas especially from manure and many farmers are interested in producing biogas, the Regional Council of Kalmar County set a 65% biomethane target in the procurement. Launched in 2014, it consisted of approximately 400 vehicles and it was worth about €500 million. [...] Read more

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